Welcome to my first blog post on the website. In a way I was prompted to write by Claire after she forwarded an email from Liz Earle entitled ‘ Are you eating these healthy foods?’

It’s quite a common question and as long as I can remember, a high profile topic in the fitness industry too but, if you pause for a moment – consider  your wellbeing, your health.. as a whole or holistically then there are further questions around food and health. Food for thought even…

My personal preference and what I encourage those I work with is to choose a variety of natural, healthy ingredients (although I’ll admit to being fond of  desserts, a bit like Greg on the Masterchef program) However, I’m guessing you already know the basic mantra of drink more water, less sugar, more green vegetables etc.  Staying up to date with various diets and food trends usually has this mantra as the common denominator.
In the past I’d worry more about ‘macro’ nutrient ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat (known in the fitness world as your Macros) and less about the quality, origin and processing of the food consumed.

Times have changed and research is providing a better insight into what some cultures have known for ages. The  western taste for supplements, anti-biotics, artificially sweetened preservatives and flavourings are starting to literally upset our stomaches! Especially when washed down with a large glass of stress!
Scarey? Well its not all doom,and gloom even though I was often left shocked when reading the books pictured.

As with most things, small steps or changes count and can deliver amazing results. This was particularly true for my podcast guest Jennifer Hadley. Her story is an example of the healing power of food, or ‘food as medicine’  and a prominent theme within her work as a  Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor. So an interview based on her experience, questions of my own and those asked by clients was essential to share on the Everyday Fitness and Wellbeing Podcast if only to help or inspire. During our conversation we start with a look back at her recovery from the rare, life threatening HELLP syndrome, how massage therapy helped corporate wellbeing, before we lift the lid on ‘clean eating’, Gut health, IBS, easy meal preparation hacks, kids lunch boxes and even how to start your day. So plenty of handy tips on healthy eating to listen and… take-away!

I’ve included links below to contact Jenny if you’ve any further questions or want to connect. In the meantime do check back for my next blog post or leave a message in the comment section below.

Bon appetite


Sean is an Holistic Fitness & Wellbeing Coach based in Brighton & Hove, UK. His varied background includes Sports Science, Occupational Therapy and Yoga. He’s a great believer in making fitness fun, ‘enjoyable and of course effective! For online coaching inquiries or to arrange a visit. Contact Sean at +44 788 6941007 | www.seannewton.co.uk