Home exercise routines have been the foundation of my FaceTime/Online sessions for a few years now. However, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic there is now an essential need for the value of something previously niche to be shared to a much wider audience.

Why? Well, physical activity can help – among a whole list of benefits- to manage stress. These are stressful times to say the least. Anyway, expect a few prompts, tips and ideas via this blog to help you maintain an activity level, especially if you’re in ‘lockdown’. Without further ado, let’s begin…

Mountain Climbers are a great full body exercise that challenges your cardiovascular fitness while working the upper body (shoulders and arms), the midsection (muscles of the core) and certainly the thighs! Try not to have your bottom sticking up in the air – so the body creates and maintains an almost diagonal line during the exercise.

IMPORTANT – If you have any medical issues, spinal injuries etc seek medical advice and approval first before attempting!

This routine uses the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of vigorous exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest/recovery repeated for a total of 8sets. So that means [1 ]set will be doing the work followed by the recovery ~ repeated 8 times. No equipment needed for this apart from a timer. I used that following APP on my iPhone – Tabata Stopwatch Pro by Anuj Seth – however there are plenty to choose from. A watch, clock or counting will suffice.

More exercises to follow. Oh and of course, do check out the very popular Mr Jo Wicks..