I pondered on the reasons why someone might not have tried a facial before after a recent survey I conducted highlighted that 42% don’t choose facials but would like to!

Therefore, I felt a blog dedicated to a Facial treatment was in order, if you have any questions relating to your own skin I’d be only to happy to help via Facebook Messenger or email, just get in touch!

There’s room for another survey of course but I don’t want to bombard overloaded inboxes with my ponderings so I’m going to attempt to find all reasons why not and answer them accordingly, get in touch if you don’t see your question.

Are Facials for skin problems only..? It’s true that you are more likely to seek a facial if you have a problem skin. On the whole people with oily, congested, acne-prone or spotty skin will book a facial despite the biggest skin problem being sensitive skin. This is because those with sensitive skin are concerned with having a reaction to a facial. Frequency is key here if you have a problem prone skin OR suffer with headaches, sinus congestion and neck tension then I suggest fortnightly sessions. If you have good, healthy, normal skin then enjoy a good maintenance facial every 2-3 months, it’s a superb way to relax and untangle stress!

What type of Facial is best for me..? There’s lots of categories here and I too have struggled to describe my own Wellbeing Facial to the masses, attempting to describe it as an ‘experience’ to best explain that it’s more than just a facial, trust me until you have had a facial massage you will not appreciate how much tension it holds and how massage actually relaxes lines, especially the laughter ones! I have delivered all sorts of facials over the years from Microdermabrasion to Galvanic Electrical Facials & many product house step by steps and in that time the take home from my learning is that no set routines and product applications work for everyone, hence my bespoke approach where I bring raw ingredients together and in the right consistency to match your skins needs.

So, what is out there well the latest has to be Face Gym and I totally approve of exercising those facial muscles my very own Mum followed Eve Frasers Facial Workout and she has great contours! Microdermabrasion has maintained popularity and it does smooth but upon closer inspection it has been known to cause superficial tears to the skin affecting your skins elasticity protein – Elastin. It smoothes the skin that’s for sure but don’t overdo it if you choose this route. Mechanical Facials like Caci are a staple for avid beauty fans since the 80’s passing an electrical current (usually Microcurrent) passing under the muscles to re-educate their layout in a more toned manner! At the other end of the scale you’ll see the Mini Facial on offer to top up your beauty treats menu, getting you into good habits for your skincare routines.

There are lots to choose from but choose your Facialist wisely and make sure it’s accessible to you both in location and cost so that your investment works for you.

To clarify part of your choice is going to be made simply upon your preferences, time scale and to some degree budget. I guess what I’d like to impart with you at this stage is that complicated skin problems can be approached with natural products and in some cases though the result may be slower it will be long lasting just like losing weight steadily is more likely to be maintained for longer! This is the reason I went bespoke with my range so that I could bring superb quality of plant based ingredients to your skin but at a high potency to get results quicker while in sync with the skin. General rule of thumb is to find what works for you and make sure you’re seeing some progress to make your investment in skincare worthwhile.

What should I expect from a facial..? The outcome has to meet your expectations it’s not just a luxury, just as massage is a necessity for body wellbeing, facials are a necessity for skin wellbeing. You should expect a noticeable results, a radiance at the very least but, an improvement in texture, reduced congestion, tone, resilience, balance and ultimately condition.

What should I expect to pay..? This as a business owner is the most difficult decision to make (just being honest with you here). I decided my initial prices based on what everyone else was doing and then after a session with my business coach who asked to work out to the penny what it costs me to make each product and conduct each facial. Bearing in mind they’re both bespoke, naturally it costs more to make in ingredients and time and guess what I was losing money! I giggled in this session with my coach nervously at the sheer fact that I innocently and naively did not know my figures at all! So I have now pitched my two facials at £45 & £85. I’ve seen a mini facial at £10 and I’ve seen £150 charged for a 55 minute facial and as I mentioned before your budget may determine which Facialist you choose. The old-fashioned statement that ‘you get what you pay for’ is on the whole true. Just be sure to do your research and ensure you’re getting a qualified eye upon your skin!

If you are unable to make time for a facial…There are still ways, social media is full of blind videos with a ‘how to’ approach and also a great way to learn who you want to listen to. I favour Facebook & You Tube for my content and I love to share tips with ‘ a sharing is caring’ motto. I have designed facials after conversations over Skype and Facebook Messenger as well as emails and this enables you to deliver your own ‘facial like’ techniques at home. If you can make the time to book a facial then please do for extra wellbeing. If you’re buying off the high street make sure that again you are talking to a well trained professional who is able to recommend products rather than sell to you and make sure they give you some literature for the ‘how to use’ information on it.

Those were the 5 main reasons you may not book in for a facial so I hope I’ve been able to explain and give you guidance now go forth and enjoy great skin wellbeing!