If there was one New Years Oil to bring to your attention it has to be one of my favourite Latin names in the Aromatherapy world Citrus Paradisi, in this name alone you envisage a zesty and exotic scent. The reason I love the simple sour, sweet and sharp aroma of Grapefruit is that it brings forth a cleanse, a clear focus, impetus, momentum, an incentive to get up and go. So if you need a little help in those areas after a relaxed New Year and you need to return to work, back to the early school runs or just ready to take the year on a journey then add 10 drops to a diffuser, add 2 drops to your shower gel or better still carry an aromatherapy rollerball consisting of Grapefruit and you’ll enjoy an energised day!

If you like to blend aromatherapy Grapefruit in my nose works well with Bay, Lime, Rosemary & Juniper.