I was in the mood to really boost and treat my skin as well as trying out a new idea! A great way to use my inquisitive and overactive brain! Also great wellbeing time after a gym session too!

So whenever I need a boost I’ll reach for my cleansing oils and creams and double cleanse and/or use a richer cream or vibrant oil but in the spirit of trying something new I decided to do something special with masks my second favourite skincare step in my routine after cleansing. Ive been blending my clays with oils instead of essential oil water for a while now which I love as well as putting on two seperate masks for different areas of my face but what about two different masks on the entire face one after the other..?

i have to skip to the result a little quicker than usual as I cant help touching my super smooth skin and as I periodically check my skin in the mirror it gets brighter and brighter so I’ll definitely be repeating this again.

So what two masks did I go for well from the pictures you can tell I went colourful with a rich, dark green which is 100% pure organic Moringa from India – gritty in texture which I just smooth and leave as opposed to over rub my skin with. After 10 minutes I soften the tight, set mask with water being careful with my pressure and then rinse. Microcirculation has been boosted, it looks enlivened and dare I say ready for more! Moringa is rejuvenating in so many ways as well as for the skin offering antioxidant protection, smoothing Vitamin A and strengthening Vitamin E to nourish.

So next up is the orange creamy, silky smooth fruit powder of the Baobab Tree of course it is also 100% and organic but this time it’s provided from Africa. It sets into an almost rubberised texture and sets my face very taut, like an egg white hence the expression above to compliment this blog! Baobab rejuvenates with a different Vitamin and that’s C hence the brightening effects you’ll see below.

Having the A.C.E. Vitamins between the masks means all round protection from free radical damage and leaves my complexion restored after a bit of commuting and increased central heating exposure lately.

Again I cream it up with water making my face feel a lot less taut and also makes masks easier to remove and look at how calm, balanced and bright it looks!

Following the double masks I toned with Geranium Essential Oil Water and applied a few drops of Squalane pressed onto my skin and hey presto, heres the outcome…

I’m so happy with the results and achieved with 100% plant extracts plus its got brighter as the day has gone on, so heres to double masks as another way to boost your skin when you have a little more time on your hands, enjoy better skin!