The title of this blog is a strong statement because they are amazing additions to your routine as they calm, tone, refine, soften and brighten your skin. We usually associate the thick green mask that sets, dries and cracks on our skin 10-15 minutes later!

Masks have revolutionised since then and the raw clay powders still stand out as some of the best out there because you can add the right quantity of water to them to create the texture your skin needs. If you have a drier skin make the paste creamier and thicker, if on the flip side you have an oilier skin then make the texture much more fluid so it tightens like an egg white on the skin.

Masks are like sponges, they mop up the excess sebum you produce without stripping the natural oil away like an alcohol-based toner would do. They settle the skin, calm it as they are cool in temperature and allow healing and balance to take place. Within a facial masks offer a unique finish to the skin by preventing build up of product residue.

Clays to seek are Kaolin Clay both green and pink are wonderful, but look out for Corn Starch, Coconut & Coffee too!

Claire’s Tip: To remove a mask reapply water with your fingertips to the mask to return it to its creamy or liquid state this makes it easier to remove with a cloth or Konjac Sponge and will prevent you from dragging the skin. Follow with a tonic to remove hard water residue before applying a Serum or Moisturiser to finish your routine.