Not all of us have or are able to invest our money and if we do where do we put it, what do we invest in?

Does the investment have to make a return financially or personally, and is it possible to have both?

Last year (2015) – 5 years after an economic crash two of my clients invested in themselves and purchased a years worth of massage ‘It’s time to look after myself!’ were the similar responses when given the option. After every treatment I write a Wellbeing Plan where I identify the tension and alignment in their body, what Aromatherapy oils I formulated for them and why, along with an action plan and then 3 options for payment – pay as you go, 6 month plan and a 12 month plan.

I felt hugely inspired and thankful for the investment they made in themselves and myself and with it came dedication and commitment to make improvements and keep to the plan on both sides. It felt like a real journey, a challenge to get it to fit in and around their crazy work schedules and my clinics. The results were as you’d hope – there was a shift!

A year is a short time in some respects when most of us consider massage to be a necessity in our 30’s-50’s whereby our body has endured 30-50 years of tension, stress and habit, so can a year repair it? What I can honestly tell you is that consistent massage re-educates the body, reminds it where it should be and once was. Softening muscle tension allows a shift in structure to happen and holds it for longer. Quick fix clunking from an Osteopath or Chiropractor without softening muscle tension means short term results as the muscles are resisting the change.

What one year of consistent massage gave these two clients were;

  1. an appreciation for taking time out,
  2. a shift in alignment,
  3. progress,
  4. a body that was more responsive for change and improvement!

If there is a lack of consistency as with anything you won’t see progress.

If you want to stand taller, feel freedom in your movement, feel in control of stress, reduce anxiety, depression, ease headaches, migraines, feel at your optimum, be more productive, feel focussed, find clarity, reduce injury, ease symptoms of illness or disability, have a positive outlook, improve confidence and remove niggly tension then consider massage might just be your route!

What does it cost to invest in yourself?

I created the Ultimate Wellbeing Plan of 12 massages a year for £700 (12 for the price of 10) around £55 per month on you. Once it’s paid we’re both committed to improving your wellbeing and you don’t have to pay for a year as it’s all paid for in advance.

Those that experience regular massage reap the rewards as productivity increases as a result, we are no good to ourselves or anyone else if we don’t feel great as we are clouded in stress, distracted by niggly tension and feel low in mood.

Stress is toxic, massage is a necessity!