Discovering Ingredients
If you are asked to share your own experiences of Aromatherapy you may discuss the wonders of Sunflower, Olive & Argan oils or the beauty of high-altitude Lavender or sweet Rose essential oils but what if your skin needs something a little different. Not just because its new, the next best thing or indeed the latest beauty buzz but because your skin’s individual needs require something more specific to get you the results you can achieve!
Welcome to my series of discovering ingredients for your skin that bring to your attention whats good for you rather than the No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Artificial Fragrance list.
Let’s start with something a little spicy and warm and perhaps something you’re more used to warming in a frying pan with a little oil to unearth its flavour into an Indian meal…Black Cumin Oil, in Latin it is referred to as Nigella Sativa. To release the lid and sniff such an oil intended for the use on skin is somewhat a little unusual but if I hadn’t told you what it was called and instead began with what qualities it offers your skin you might be left wanting to seek it out immediately!
So, what’s in it? Omegas 6 & 9, B1, B2 & B3 vitamins, Folic Acid, Calcium & Lecithin. Now I have your attention! In Egypt this simple, small white flower has seeds from which an oil is cold-pressed. It’s energy and nourishment can help skin on either end of the spectrum – Acne or Eczema.
I’d like to continue igniting your imagination into the world of ingredients and head to the sweet and earthy oil found at the root of a carrot! Carrot Oil or Daucus Carota brings a beautiful Beta-Carotene yellowy orange tint to your skincare regime with regenerative Vitamin A and more of the alphabet vitamins; B, C, D, E and F too! A beautiful oil often sourced from our neighbours in France and delivered via maceration/infusion into an oil such as Sesame. So add a little vitality to your skin with those beautiful orange root vegetables!
If you love a beautiful scent in your products then go natural and give essential oils a bit of your time, something like May Chang (Litsea Cubeba) brings what I can only describe to you as Lemon Sherbet, it has to be sniffed to be believed! It is truly delightful and makes your senses ping! This oil is brought to you by a method of steam distillation often from a plant with these little green berries found in China. Oilier skins love the toning and antiseptic qualities it brings so enjoy a brighter and more toned skin as a result.
This is just the start and in the lead up to a course soon to be available online through Optimal in early 2016! Course now available