Fellow Therapists will empathise with me when it comes to certain oils in Aromatherapy that you struggle to use in practice. Basil & Patchouli were my blocks I had strong reactions to them and as a result didn’t own them in my collection but after 3 recent requests for Patchouli I thought I’m going to have to try to go back there with my nose and see if I can bring it back to life in my apothecary.

I’ll be honest I didn’t think I could do it but it seems I have changed and I responded rather than reacted to it and before I knew it I was creating synergies with it. It was like a new friend! Suddenly, Petitgrain, Sweet Orange and Carrot Seed were reunited with a long lost pal – Patchouli and the result warm, sweet Caramel tones, relaxed, grounded & harmonious clients.

It wasn’t just the aroma I had to get used to it’s all the wonderful properties of this essential oil, what better than a blog to explore it again!

Pogostemon Cablin is the latin name for this plant, where the leaves are steam distilled in Indonesia. The plant looks a little weed-like with small purple flowers, but the oil it produces is thick, viscous and warm brown in hue and looks very similar to Vanilla essence from Madagascar! It’s inviting rather than the ‘sweaty sock’ smell I had always carried in its absence from my blends. You can imagine just how soothing and softening the oil will be to the skin when I describe it’s texture and how it would soothe and comfort those with nervous tension and it’s earthy scent will appeal to many just as Sandalwood, Carrot Seed & Ylang Ylang would do.

In my defence I should have known to give this oil another chance when I discovered an amazing aromatherapy company 9 years ago where I now purchase all my oils because the quality is stunning!

Welcome back to the Apothecary – Patchouli, will Basil be next..?