20 times more Vitamin C than Oranges, really? That surprised me too! It’s amazing how we become used to what’s presented to us as sources of such vitamins or minerals and how it unearths a whole world of ingredients to explore and grace your plate or aromatherapy massage with!

I’ve been turning to Rosehip Oil (Rosa Canina) within my Wellbeing Facials as it activates the Vitamin A in our skin so helping to rejuvenate our skin and giving that lovely ‘youthful plump’ we thought may have passed us by with age. It also supports the repair of scar tissue.

I remember crushing Rosehips with a pestle & mortar as a kid with friends thinking we were creating beautiful potions and perfumes. We loved them for their rich orangey-red colour that oozed out of the juice, now I appreciate that the rich colour was due to the beta-carotene component. Cold pressing is the method of extraction from the seeds in the country of Chile.

Renew and regenerate with Rosehip!