Potato is the new cucumber! I say

Mmmmmm, really..? Is the reply I often get in return.

Yes! No limp cucumbers turning warm a short while after placing them. Potatoes stay cool plus, they contain a hydrating, powerful antioxidant that soothes inflammation too! All because they contain Super Oxide Dismutase. I reply excitedly.

Super what..? S.O.D. for short, a compound within potatoes that help to restore hydration especially the lids where creams should not be applied while also soothing and giving your eyes some defence from those free-radicals swimming out there in the ether!

I love the intrigue that ensures they go home and cant resist putting potatoes to the test and the reports back are always positive. I get it now they say.

Super Oxide Dismutase is found within our bodies and just like its friend Hyaluronic Acid provides an incredible protection for your skin cells from oxidative stress caused by many things from sun, pollution, smoking and more. The reason I put it in the same paragraph as Hyaluronic Acid is its ability to hold water in your skin leading to a better quality of skin. Then to top it off it also reduces inflammation so that your skin doesn’t present angry and irritable.

So I’ve taught you to pat your serums and moisturisers in now it’s time to lay back, relax and enjoy a cold potatoe slice on those sore, tired, puffy, dry eyes regularly as part of your skincare wellbeing ritual.

There are new sources of S.O.D. coming into skincare all the time but one of most interest is Deciem’s use of a Yeast Extract/Grape Skin in their Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist