Just to get the usual blurb out of the way with this ingredient is the source! It’s a vowel difference between an ‘a’ and an ‘e’. The oil which I shall be exploring in this blog is Squalane from green olives but often mistaken for Squalene, from a whales blubber or sharks liver!

What interests me more as I share this wonderful oil with you is to understand the difference between green olive oil (Squalane) and Virgin Olive Oil that I also use in skincare and massage. The textures are greatly different. The latter is a golden green thick yet well absorbed oil while Squalane is a clear, light fluid and yet again readily settles on the skin without a greasy residue!

Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the flesh of the olive and the small amounts of Chlorophyll tint the oil with a greenish tone while Squalane is extracted from the pips/stones.

The action of Squalane on the skin aside from the beautiful texture that leaves skin hydrated and supple is the antioxidant qualities. These help to defend the skin in the environment while reducing pigmentation.

In skincare Squalane is a component within our own skins oil (sebum) though in small quantities it can still be recognised by our skin as familiar, team it with Jojoba, Sandalwood Nut Oil or Blacurrant and you’ve got a match made in heaven!

Enjoy a dose of Squalane within one of my bespoke 50/50 Serums or Body Oil Sprays, you can even let me know your favourite scent and I will tailor the product accordingly with essential oils.

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