Well this ingredient is winning the popularity contest in recent months. I love its simplicity, it looks like a glass of water but with the texture of a light and fluid oil, much lighter than Glycerin. It is in natural sync with our body which produces Squalane too, in fact even our Liver organ produces it too!

I wrote about this wonderful ingredient last August in 2017 https://bewellsys.co.uk/discovering-ingredients-squalane/

But zoom the four months on since then and the plant-derived ingredient is wrapped in ribbons, bows and more mentions than you can imagine and that’s just as i think it should be and very well earned.

The main update other than the reminders of how wonderful it is for skin that needs nourishment, great for all skin types including oily skin due to its lightweight feel is the increased number of sources other than Olives, grains such as Rice Bran, Wheatgerm and the larger cous cous like Amaranth Seed along with, Palm and even Bamboo!

This ingredient is here to stay and I know Ill be sure to be updating you again soon!