I am fond of raw powders in making masks and another that I am currently seeking is that of Seaweed. This ingredient is one of my all time highly recommended suggestions because I have seen the benefits time and time again. I taught for a skincare company – Pevonia Botanica who utilised this wonderful natural sea plant within facials and body wraps and I saw incredible replenishment both in skin and vitality.

The nutrition found in Seaweed made me explore Spirulina as a supplement into my own diet and pow what energy I had!

So why is Seaweed such an interesting ingredient and why are we so receptive to it’s content? Well unlike most ingredients which may have a particular vitamin or mineral that it’s rich in, Seaweed contains the same 104 trace elements found naturally in our bodies and so are body readily accepts the elements which are made up of a trio; vitamins, minerals & enzymes!

I have seen seaweed products absorb like water through a straw into the skin and take other ingredients with it and you don’t witness that often. The skin is a protective organ so it takes some doing to achieve good absorption.

Seaweed is a great way to restore your immune system, boost energy and replenish your skin.

I came across an interesting source of seaweed up in the North West of Ireland on the Atlantic shores of Donegal and along with their range are considering a powdered seaweed so I shall be staying in touch with them and encouraging them to consider it!

Look out for this as a new addition to my Wellbeing Facial apothecary…