A clear, viscous, non sticky oil that’s rich and plumping!

It’s nice to find an oil that is plumping in a separate conversation from the usual link to Collagen.

I tried Poppy Seed oil because I was intrigued, the smell was subtle and delicate and takes you to those red flowers that decorate fields so powerfully. Papaver Somniferum in Latin describes this fragile flower associated with the war and remembrance. Its source is actually that of Turkey where the oil is cold pressed from the seeds. It replenishes you with Minerals, Omega 3 and Essential Fatty Acids, mildly analgesic and eases insomnia and improves heart health.

On the skin I find it well absorbed, hydrating and brings back my skin bounce and elasticity! What more could I hope for!

If you select a Wellbeing Facial you might just find it in your bespoke blend of oils alongside Jojoba & Rosehip…