If you have visited me in the clinic or just had a discussion with me about aromatherapy oils not only will you sense that I love creating beautiful aromas but that it’s all in the synergy. it’s about finding which oils not only partner well under your nose but that meet the needs of the person having it applied to their skin.

To describe what I personally interpret as a successful synergy begins with interpreting where to start with the blend and that is like a lightbulb moment for me when speaking to a client, from there I go on a bit of a journey and start ticking off the clients health & lifestyle checklist to discover which oils will meet the most needs and then it’s down to the nose palette of that client to where the blend finishes up.

Recently I blended a ‘memory-evoking’ blend that reminded me of a packet of Opal Fruits – Bay, Mandarin & Lemon. Then only yesterday it was a flower garden meeting a fruit bowl with Geranium, Mandarin & Grapefruit. Other recent blends have been Myrrh, Sweet Orange & Sandalwood – earthy and grounding and leads to a great sleep! Perhaps Frankincense & Orange is for you or unite the orange tree of fruit, twigs and blossom with Orange, Petitgrain & Neroli. If you’re an active one then a spot of Rosemary, Lavender & Black Pepper is the focus, circulation and muscle ease you need.

If aroma is not your thing then you’ll be surprised at the array of carrier oils available and how uniting them can be equally splendid and result-driven with Arnica, Safflower, Carrot Seed & Pomegranate Seed.

There’s a synergy for everyone, it’s just finding it in the moment!