In the 6 months lead up time to pitching my contribution to a new franchise project, I couldn’t have foreseen this moment in its entirety. This particular project ticked many boxes in what I look for when choosing to be part of such an opportunity. It had ambition, massage and therapists health at its core. The ambition came in the forms of growth, changing the industry and working with a good team of the right people. Massage techniques designed by John Holman to deliver effective results without causing back pain and repetitive strain to the Therapists leading to a healthy team with long careers that would lay before them.

One early start as I aim to make it to Camberley, Surrey for an 8am start at the head site of The Massage Company. I was invited to infuse my role as Training & Product Development Manager amongst the team on this special event day. The team were raring to go, with a real thirst for constant training, little did they know that they would all be receiving a 10 minute massage that would transform the way they felt that morning. In our experience so far sharing massage with the Therapist is a superb way to impart learning and ultimately delivery to their next customer. Training like this brings back the magic to their treatments, clients would be guaranteed to arise from the couch with more fluidity and freedom in their movement that would inspire them to return time and time again. I love that the team are never allowed to simply follow the status quo, fall into habits that lessen the client experience and trigger aches and pain for them. This kind of education is paramount to success.

There was a unique twist to this event to promote massage as a necessity and that was a visit from local MP Michael Gove who listened to the team on who their client base was, acknowledging the importance of wellbeing and I believe having the most relevant Brexit themed conversation with Penny, one of the team whose commute from France every 2 weeks was an authentic insight into work/life balance and the support from The Massage Company for this gifted Therapist to work this way. Alice was our young spokesperson willing to answer open questions from Michael, describing her own client base at The Massage Company, ranging from athletes to pregnant women.

One of the areas I had developed were some of the upgrades that clients can choose from and Therapists can recommend to them to enhance their results and this conversation with Michael highlighted their very purpose. When asked if people arrive stressed and find it hard to unwind, the Therapists nodded in agreement. In this instance they could opt for a Scalp Massage at the very beginning of their experience to be much more receptive to the massage that follows. Then there are those who require massage to recover from sporting events and therefore Aromatherapy and Hot Stones would be most effective for them. Of course Michael said ‘I imagine some fall asleep too!’ To which humour followed and I write more about this here

There is an exceptional and somewhat magical moment that runs through the entire day and that is 18 months in not only is growth on the cards with their second franchisee but that there is this profound sense of teamwork which harks me back to a podcast interview I conducted with Charlie Thompson (One of the founders behind The Massage Company) on this very subject of teamwork. Seeing them work together, laugh together, learn together and encourage each other was just special to witness. Find out just how Charlie achieves this by dedicating 30 minutes of your time and go on to create this magic in your workplace.

The last part of my day completes with a wonderful opportunity to expand on their original knowledge of Aromatherapy and upgrades, providing helpful language and understanding as to the benefits of the imaginative ways in which to recommend to a client, enticing them towards an upgrade that makes a genuine difference and expedites their progress.

Fellow Founder Elliot Walker hands me the new pin badge, it’s just like I earned a brownie point or a guide badge. Nonetheless it marks an end to a fantastic and inspiring day!