For some my advice on suncare comes too late and sunburn or heat rash has taken hold!

Quick Tips..!

Reduce body temperature with cool baths and cool compresses

Rehydrate internally to help externally

Cool and hydrate skin with Aloe Vera

Soften and heal the skin to prevent peeling with Shea Butter

Rebuild Vitamin E levels with Wheatgerm & Hazelnut

Rebuild Vitamin A levels with Rosehip

Rebuild skins immunity with Tea Tree

The Detail..!

Cooling with water is the best way to reduce a heightened temperature including when you’re unwell so bathe in a cool bath for 20 minutes or if it is a specific patch of skin try a cool compress using a Bamboo Cloth or Cotton Muslin.

Internally, aim for water that is room temperature rather than chilled so that your body rehydrates rather than rushing you to the loo! Better still alternate temperatures, warm in the morning for digestive support, chilled to room alternated to cool, quench but most of all hydrate!

The gel naturally occurring within the Aloe Vera leaves is both hydrating and cooling with anti-inflammatory properties. Straight from the plant or you can buy gel from the shops just make sure there’s actually over 90% in the formula!

Peeling is the next part of the healing process so knit the skin and repair with pure Shea Butter to soften and condition a parched skin, once the skin is more tolerable enhance with the Azulene-Rich properties of German Chamomile, Yarrow or Sandalwood.

Build elasticity by switching to Vitamin E rich carrier oils such as Hazelnut or Wheatgerm. Combine the two for a less heavy texture.

Vitamin A is next to ensure you smooth and renew the skin using the wonderfully nourishing Rosehip Oil.

Lastly look to build up your skins defence again so that it is stronger and more resilient in the environment. Tea Tree is the only way:-) via a Floral Water or within a carrier oil for cleansing or moisturising cream.

Chill out..!

Follow these steps and you will ensure you reduce the chances of long term damage, premature ageing and discolouration!