So whats the recipe for a positive outcome. Most people book a massage with high expectations because its a treat that they may tie in with a hotel getaway or girly weekend or while in a new city perhaps. So, what do you look for when seeking the best massage you’ve ever had..?

Though I speak from a Therapists perspective I have also had the privilege of gaining some feedback not only from my clients but from Therapists I train and the clients they treat.

  • Surroundings – you’ve got to feel at ease and a little excited from the moment you walk in.
  • Customer care – you need to feel important, cared for and considered.
  • The right temperature – when relaxing our body natural cools and so warmth from the room, blankets, or the type of massage you receive balances your temperature enabling relaxation.
  • Rapport – you need to feel that your Therapist listens to your needs, explains what is going to happen in the treatment and does not talk throughout your treatment unless necessary.
  • Your treatment needs to personalised and tailored where possible to ensure you get specific results for you.
  • They need to use good quality products on your skin, massage oil is not just a medium it treats your skin and stays on after the treatment so any additional skin treat is a great finishing touch with long-lasting results.
  • Pace – needs to be slow, not only relax you but to offer depth to your treatment.
  • Technique – needs to be adapted your size and needs.
  • They need to be observant of your posture and alignment as we are often unaware of this for ourselves and the massage will bring awareness to it.
  • You should be recommended to revisit with a treatment plan to enable progress and positive change.
  • It needs to flow but be unpredictable in its routine so that you can drift away and go with the flow.
  • You need to feel comfortable and supported on the treatment couch – ideally without a cricked neck and arms dangling down the side!

Keep your high expectations but be prepared for these to be exceeded when you make the right selection.