Ever believed in subliminal messages or signs that you were on the right track. Do we seek for them when we need them or do they show up when we need them or are they just showing you what’s meant to be.

I’ve been on a new venture within my much loved career in the beauty industry and that is to join the saturated skincare market and make my mark, leave my footprint and attempt to show people how to achieve great skin. I’ve had some real wobbles for lots of reasons from balancing family life, working with the right people, being brave to stand outside of the treatment room doing events, public speaking and social media live broadcasts.

I’ve have had an enjoyable amount of years in the beauty industry (since 1994 to be precise) and one area of my career became strong, established, recommended by others year after year and that was massage. I showed a natural skill for it almost unplanned and perhaps because beauty salon and spa diaries are around 80% focused on it. Of all treatments on the menu if a client can justify one of these indulgent luxuries it would definitely be a massage to ease away aches and pains to maintain oneself.

Yet, here I am in the last 8 months striving to be a game changer in the skincare industry and despite having a great track record of skincare skills it’s not what I’m known for. It’s hard to stand out when I’m trying to refresh my online profile to shout about all I have learned, experienced and now want to share openly when you are what google says you are – a massage therapist and Hydrotherm Ambassador and often asked if I invented the massage system!

So skip forward to tonight where I attended an interview with Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe with Bazaar’s Beauty Editor Katy Young. On putting my coat in the cloakroom I’m given a numbered receipt of 77, I turn 40 this year so my birth year is my tag, it makes me smile as I realise I really was meant to be present tonight! Then I take my seat and in the unexpected goody bag a product from Deciem made of 100% vegetable derived Squalane – an ingredient I’ve been writing about and formulating with (reasssuring me that I know good ingredients) and then the talk itself where I went from wanting to work within Brandon’s business to feeling the courage within bursting out of me to crack on with my own thing when he recommends to ‘do what you love then you won’t have to escape it by going on holiday!’

It’s all it takes for me sometimes to see or hear something so simple but yet reaches my core. I don’t give up on anything easily so where were my recent doubts coming from I pondered. I have to be honest here one is self-doubt and the other is cashflow. I am a mother to three children and have a partner who has enabled me to be the main worker in the family and therefore this makes me responsible for their financial welfare while finding the balance to be there emotionally on all levels. I felt the pressure, I feel the pressure and now I’m going to use the pressure to do the right thing, do what I’ve always loved, be with who I love and allow my career and personal life to entwine without divide.

Watch out for my skincare revolution in my range – The Better Skin Formula!