Double Face Masks – The New Cleansing..?

I was in the mood to really boost and treat my skin as well as trying out a new idea! A great way to use my inquisitive and overactive brain! Also great wellbeing time after a gym session too! So whenever I need a boost I’ll reach for my cleansing oils and creams and...

Discovering Ingredients: Super, Optimum & Delightful!

Potato is the new cucumber! I say Mmmmmm, really..? Is the reply I often get in return. Yes! No limp cucumbers turning warm a short while after placing them. Potatoes stay cool plus, they contain a hydrating, powerful antioxidant that soothes inflammation too! All...

Discovering Ingredients: It’s in the roots!

Bringing a flash of gold straight from the earths dust. It tints our roast potatoes when we add it to the water to boil pre roasting and our rice dishes too! In our skins health it restores the quality of our largest organ and internally it reduces inflammation and...

Small Wins & A Couch Workout!

Habit forming and consistency for success is an equation is often associated with overwhelming gym based physique goals. So I’ve based a 5 minute couch workout on Harvard research,,,

Core Strength & Balance

A new Swiss ball has entered the family home, much to the delight of the children who immediately regarded it as a toy and not for its intended use as a tool to help strengthen mummy’s core – specifically abdominals and lower back.

Discovering Ingredients – Squalane Update

Well this ingredient is winning the popularity contest in recent months. I love its simplicity, it looks like a glass of water but with the texture of a light and fluid oil, much lighter than Glycerin. It is in natural sync with our body which produces Squalane too,...

Energise with Citrus Paradisi

If there was one New Years Oil to bring to your attention it has to be one of my favourite Latin names in the Aromatherapy world Citrus Paradisi, in this name alone you envisage a zesty and exotic scent. The reason I love the simple sour, sweet and sharp aroma of...

Community, Teamwork & a Sprinkle of Politics

In the 6 months lead up time to pitching my contribution to a new franchise project, I couldn’t have foreseen this moment in its entirety. This particular project ticked many boxes in what I look for when choosing to be part of such an opportunity. It had ambition,...

Food As Medicine

I was prompted to write by Claire after she forwarded an email from Liz Earle entitled ‘ Are you eating these healthy foods?’
It’s quite a common question and as long as I can remember, a high profile topic..


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