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Get in shape, improve your posture, boost your confidence.

What is Better fitness?

Holistic Fitness

Be Well

There are more ways to invest in transforming and improving your health that are less focused on a gym workout and more about You and Your lifestyle. We believe in reducing stress with the help of mindfulness (without the fluff), effective exercise to move with confidence and nutrition that avoids fads with a preference for natural, health giving, gut friendly food.

You Can

The effort and dedication you put into improving your health will benefit you and those close to you. We all have varying commitments and energy levels, but even the smallest consistent action can deliver rewarding results!

About  Sean

Right now, I’ve embarked on a Pilates Teacher Training journey for 2019.  Natural nutrition and wellbeing of the mind/self are key interests shared with clients and family.  Plus this autumn will feature new podcasrt episodes on The Everyday Fitness & Wellbeing show.

My background in wellbeing grew from degree study of fitness & health and work within Occupational Therapy.  A career move from London to Norwich in 2001  included health club management, fitness events, workshops, group exercise  and personal training. Since moving to Brighton in 2015, I’ve blended my knowledge as a qualified Yoga teacher with my fitness experience to provide a more holistic approach to helping people.

What to expect?

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Sean is brilliant – he responds to your state of mind on any particular day, and always pushes you just the right amount. He is knowledgeable, imaginative, and most of all makes exercise fun. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Susie

Television journalist and presenter

Food As Medicine

Food As Medicine

I was prompted to write by Claire after she forwarded an email from Liz Earle entitled ‘ Are you eating these healthy foods?’
It’s quite a common question and as long as I can remember, a high profile topic..

Being able to offer tailor made fitness programmes is the key to Sean’s success. He works with me to increase my overall fitness, and his expert knowledge makes it fun and fulfilling. He is a wonderful trainer, and I am so lucky to be one of his trainees. Not many can offer the range of sports, from high impact fitness, gym work and yoga. Go Sean!! Carol

Active Grandmother!

Holistic Personal Training

1-1 Coaching | Group Exercise | Yoga Without The Fluff

Get In Shape, Better Mobility, More Energy

Need help with weight management? Exercise for a stronger lower back or perhaps a workout to feel energized with less stress?
We offer a variety of approaches to do this from bespoke, 1-1 sessions in person or online through to small group workshops.


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Small Wins & A Couch Workout!

Small Wins & A Couch Workout!

Habit forming and consistency for success is an equation is often associated with overwhelming gym based physique goals. So I’ve based a 5 minute couch workout on Harvard research,,,

Yoga For the non bendy

Yoga Without The Fluff | No Dogma | Ideal for iffy backs

Yoga movement for iffy backs & (up)tight bodies

Originally trained in the Vinyasa flow style of Yoga we’ve developed sessions to focus on  modern issues of lifestyle, stress, bad backs, and muscle imbalances. During these sessions we aim to help with better breath control, to quiet the mind & calm the nervous system.  By getting the body moving, stretching, breathing, pausing and relaxing we hope to provide an holistic  session that  irons out tight, stiff bodies, improves mobility and provides a state of wellbeing. Expect no sanskrit or chanting, just background music with a little aromatherapy to leave you feeling at peace.

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