Having affordable, 1-1 personal training  in your own home via FaceTime/Skype could be the convenient service to help you get moving, get stronger or back in shape. It’s proved particularly popular with those  who cringe at the idea of using a gym or feel they just don’t have the time to go somewhere to feel uncomfotable.

Convenience, guidance and accountability is the regular feedback received about our online coaching sessions. The benefit of this emerging format is the flexibility, time saved and the convenience of knowing how to exercise  in your own home with guidance and instant feedback not available from watching a video or following an app.

Is it for me?

Well, the format has proved especially successful with those returning back to exercise, busy households and of course those with limited time. Sessions are adaptable for individuals looking to begin or maintain regular exercise through to those requiring specific conditioning workouts such from bespoke Yoga and Pilates focused exercise through to more intensive HIIT style workouts.

How long are the sessions ?

Each session is designed around you by taking into account your fitness, mobility/movement, health and lifestyle. Of course, its not for everyone, however regular participants are impressed with the time saved by not having to travel and attend a fitness venue.

Session times are flexible but as a general rule recommended choices are 15mins, 30mins and 45mins

Will I need loads of equipment?

You”ll be surprised just how effective using your own body-weight can be so the use of additional weights is optional depending on what we plan. As the sessions are not aimed at replicating a gym environment or an advanced weight lifting protocol, all you really need is some floor space to safely move around  (e.g a living room, even a large kitchen-diner works well) and either a iPad/iPhone, Tablet/laptop, or a smart phone.

When Can I Start?

Check your diary, then give me a call! We’ll arrange an initial consultation and go from there.
If you think this is something that could work for you then Lets Get Started!

If you have any questions do get in touch

The best time for your health is now, however small that step forward!