After training Therapists in the Hydrotherm system and flipping there massage upside down I always like them describe their experience in their own words.

It is important to acknowledge how they feel as they will learn from this and it’s important to see things from the clients perspective. Think about the times you’ve been asked how you are and your reply is ‘Yeah I’m okay’ and when asked about your massage treatment if you were to reply with ‘Yeah it was nice…What do those phrases really mean and how honest or true are they?

Each Therapist today considered for a moment how they really felt and amongst the wonderful feelings of freedom, at peace, relaxed, soothed and carefree lay another word AWARENESS and next to that AGGRAVATED! I loved this because it was honest and I understood why and we discussed it. Firstly, we acknowledged how after massage we were aware of our pain, where our tension lays and where in our body is balanced. This awareness brings attention to something you are either unaware of or are trying to hide from. If we listened to our bodies we would take much better care of it. We decided to rethink the use of the word aggravated and switched it to HIGHLIGHTED. What massage on the Hydrotherm system had done was to bring about awareness which in turn highlighted areas that needed some care and further progressive treatment. What it tells me yet again is that massage is a necessity, tension should not be tolerated!