I was asked by a recent massage client as to whether it is best to let yourself fall asleep or stay mindful of the massage taking place. I thought it was a really interesting question and wondered if there was a right way..?

I usually let people relax how they choose, some prefer to speak but most will close their eyes and relax with the odd snore dip! Most I find are very cautious of falling asleep, after all many of us don’t know if we talk in our sleep, snore or pull funny faces so we’d rather not quite go there during a massage.

I do gently guide people through my movements, breath work and occasionally need to say let go but I never preset what they should do. There are indicators I look out for rapid eye movement under closed lids, eyes wide open, fidgeting and shallow breath and I use these at times to guide where I need to work such as massage around the eyes, face, chest, diaphragm or wherever the fidget is! Using this information to guide a session results in a much more relaxed client.

But, the question is how relaxed should you be to get the best out of your massage..? My opinion is the more relaxed you are, the more you go with the flow. However, keeping yourself mindful of the progress your body undergoes in a treatment, the more you appreciate how effective a massage can be. if you drift off and wake up abruptly you forget where you are for a moment and before you know it your treatment ends and you think it’s only been 20 minutes long and only have the end result to guide you!

It’s fair to say I do see clients who have very poor sleep patterns and use the time to restore and rest and I guess you got what you needed but if we are approaching a treatment with a pretty good sleep pattern in play you should try to stay mindful and rested to get the most out of your massage.

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