The art of finding a synergy of oils to support a client during treatment is formulated gradually. It starts with a consultation and conversation, it takes into account the time of day, mood & health. This all begins to contribute to a picture that helps Claire to start creating a personal blend for you! The final formulation will be determined by your sense of smell!

Claire only uses the very best plant-based, organic and wild-grown oils on your skin. This is because in Claireʼs many years of experience she understands and appreciates skin type and responses, as well as the desired effect it needs to have. The oil is absorbed by the skin with no greasy residues, while inhalation of the oils takes place to reach your blood supply continuing to work on you for the next day or two, explaining why the blend is such an integral part of treatment.


Claire studied an ITEC Aromatherapy course over 9 months this was just the foundation as she went on to immerse herself in a deep interest for ingredients and became quite the nerd in the subject! In 2013 she knew there was a greater knowledge to confirm and thatʼs intuition. Each oil has a character and itʼs like matching it to a personality, the oils have an energy about them as they evoke memories of old and new and we can have strong reactions to them. This greater knowledge was gained on a field trip to Aumale in Northern France where she attended a 4 day course designed by Kolinka Zinovieff, the founder of NHR Organic Oils based in Brighton who sources the best certified organic oils from
around the world.

Claire was exposed to a whole extra world of carrier oils, almost as many as essential aromatic oils!

Claire still uses her chunky Aromatherapy folder with 9 months of study in it, along with a few books which have become her trusty companions but, on most occasions she lets her creativity flow and let the oil synergies and combinations come together naturally. She researches constantly and attends seminars, lectures and workshops whenever they arise.

Any leftovers after a session are bottled up for you to take home and enjoy in the bath or on the skin in the days following your treatment. Claire has gone on to develop a bespoke skincare range too!