A synergy designed for the needs of a pregnant woman was far easier than I imagined it to be upon first discussions with The Massage Company. As a mum of 3 and a massage practitioner for pregnant women I captured the needs in each trimester from easing nausea, improving energy, remaining calm with the changes in their body and based on this I just knew what the formula had to contain!

The aroma had to be delicate, subtle and feminine and here the ratios as with children have to be halved. There are so many oils that are safe during pregnancy so choice was still abundant and not as restrictive as some may think.

Let’s start with the ingredients:

Carrier base oils – Sunflower & Wheatgerm

Essential oils – Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange & Spearmint

Dominating oils – Sunflower & Sweet Orange

The story – Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to prepare for the arrival of a baby both in mind and body. For some the experience is planned for others a surprise and massage unites the experience with reality.

Sunflower oil rich in ADE vitamins and the minerals of Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium & Zinc leaving the skin softened and moisturised.

Wheatgerm gives a richer texture due to a high Vitamin E content and forms a natural preservative.

Roman Chamomile is soothing, anti-inflammatory and relaxing for any skin conditions that arise in pregnancy and ease any swelling in the joints.

Sweet Orange eases any anxiety and ensures a lift in mood and a pleasure to smell

Spearmint, a delicate version of Peppermint to cool and ease the feeling of nausea while naturally refreshing.

This completed the collection at The Massage Company which has been one of my most delightful career moments!