I walked into a spa today where the location leading to it was very industrial and then i turned a corner through a gated entrance, a driveway and wow a red brick building covered in plants and surrounded by flowers, the spa was on my right, made of a blend of the red brick and conservatory.

Upon entering the spa it is crisp white, light and airy against traditional beams. The therapists sat waiting with their manager for me on the landing where the manicures and pedicures take place overlooking the pool, jacuzzi and loungers. ‘Stunning’ were the first words I uttered to them swiftly followed by ‘you’ll work here for as long as you can!’ The setting for the therapist is just as important as for the client, it improves performance on the therapists part when they work in such a wonderful spa and are able to eat their lunch by the lake!

Clouds of white voile cover the walls and you do feel like you’re walking amongst clouds, each room is homely and inviting with everything the client and therapist needs. We begin Hydrotherm training and I pretend I work their for the day, heavenly!

I have worked and trained others in a wide variety of spas in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus & Greece and have witnessed stunning efforts in design from infinity pools, to country elegance and a buzzing city setting and this choice of venue is paramount to suit the variety of needs, lifestyle and preferences of the client.

For me in Brighton I chose a setting that was warm, welcoming and within a thriving clinic of varying professionals so that referrals could take place and the wellbeing of our clients could be cared for under one roof. In London it’s about location, convenience of opening times for a very busy client and again all practitioners under one roof.

The setting in the room should be simple and not cluttered so that the client can focus on relaxing and the therapist has space to work. Lighting has got to be spot on and for most a little daylight through blinds is peaceful for others as dark as possible with simple candlelight. An aroma diffuser blend may not suit every client so is best kept to reception area rather than the rooms.

It is important at home to create a space of calm, serenity, clutter free and somewhere you can be at peace, a small part of the home should be dedicated to it, to you, to your wellbeing.