Now that I am entering the realms of 20 years since I was at college studying massage it feels only right to share my journey as it has been an interesting one.

You always hope that in life you may inspire at least one person in your lifetime to make something amazing happen, to create a shift that helps them view something in another perspective and what I’d like to do today is share the script I used recently at Brighton College word for word to see if I could inspire somebody else who might fall upon this blog.

Being invited to talk at an event is such an honour and at first you wonder ‘what could I possibly share of value to others?’ I decided a long time ago to simply share my story as I cannot dictate others journeys but I can teach them determination, passion for what they do, never giving up, always striving to do their very best and highlight opportunities available.So here it is…

Who’s in my audience today..?

Intro I’m fresh and inspired from the Natural & Organic Products show yesterday!

I’m here today because most therapists don’t make it past their 3rd year in the industry because they’re for want of a better word – knackered!

A snippet about me…

94-96 Studied Beauty Therapy in Norfolk

98 I had a career turn that most Therapists don’t get to experience I learned Hydrotherm Massage

3-D massage with heat and flotation, clients lay face up supported by warm water cushions with no need to be disturbed to turn over!

The system enabled me to accept more clients while protecting my tools of the trade!

When I left college I did not appreciate the full potential of my career that I would go on to have;

  1. Massage women in all stages of pregnancy Trimesters 1,2 & 3 as well as pre and post
  2. Massage clients with a history of Cancer
  3. That I would have a team of Therapists working alongside me
  4. That my clients would include a professional ballerina, tap dancer & Irish dancer, Rugby players, runners, those suffering with ME, Arthritis and chronic migraines. More close to home my Nana with Alzeimers and my daughter with Downs Syndrome!
  5. I would become self employed not once, twice but third time lucky! Here I had one of my most humiliating moments I went bankrupt but felt reassured that some of the biggest success stories fail a few times but that it’s those that get back up that make it!

I want to encourage you to never give up, do what you love and enjoy fantastic  results both in practice and business.

FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>> TO SEPTEMBER 2013 (my 3rd attempt!)

What was different..? I HAD CLARITY! I zoned in on my biggest passion to help people through massage – 3 months in and a client base of 33, I launched my brand The Better Wellbeing System to teach people that massage is a necessity and not just a luxurious treat.

In the Summer of 2015 I decided to make the challenge more challenging. I commuted from Norfolk to Brighton for 11 months to build a business in a place where I knew no-one. My whole career I had always undercharged so I set the price right and believed in it £70 per hour and went on to build a busy diary and selling 3,6 & 12 month massage plans.

My USP’s were;

  1. My sheer will to help people feel better any way I can
  2. Using Aromatherapy to tailor every treatment with bespoke blends to take home
  3. I write Wellbeing Plans after every clients first treatment

After 11 months I relocated our whole family including 3 kids to Brighton to start anew!

From June-December 2015 I planted seed after seed, saw every opportunity!

Here are the results for those 7 months;

  1. I became a Trainer for the Hydrotherm system in all 4 levels
  2. I have a massage clinic that runs in Chelsea, London as well as Brighton
  3. Helped to launch Massage for Cancer at Professional Beauty alongside the creator of Hydrotherm – John Holman
  4. I run two corporate massage days to improve the wellbeing of staff at two businesses – 12-13 massages back to back
  5. I co-wrote 1 course and independently wrote 3 more for TMC and was awarded Training & Product Development Manager. The 4 aroma blends I created will be turned into a retail line (fingers crossed) and they are aiming to open 36 centres in 5 years.
  6. Co-writing the new Hydrotherm manuals
  7. I have 4 Better Wellbeing Therapists being coached by me
  8. I launched The Wellbeing Facial on the Hydrotherm System and launched an online ingredient course onto lifestyle brand MerKaBah
  9. This weekend I massaged runners at the Brighton Marathon in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust

My future goals are to;

  1. Keep building my team of BW Therapists
  2. Train more Therapists in the Hydrotherm system
  3. Write 2 e-books
  4. Teach Aromatherapy

Lots of hard work ahead of me, lots of fun but I get to do what I love to do…help people through the power of touch!

Come and see me on the stand jump on the system and ask me any questions you like!