Aromatherapy is a big part of my service so much so that I am looking to qualify my team of Better Wellbeing Therapists in the subject. Why is it such an important part of your experience? Well, the main reason is the opportunity to be bespoke and to tailor results to your needs.

The formula begins to take shape after I receive your online consultation form, then I meet you, we converse and then I step out the room while you lay on the Hydrotherm system, as I come back in I have a blend in mind which I pass under your nose for your approval. I tweak if necessary and then apply and reapply throughout your treatment at the end I bottle up the leftovers and sometimes add it into melted Shea Butter. The blend is then yours to apply directly to your skin or melt back into your next bath.

I receive wonderful feedback from clients who use the oils at home and they become equally excited to see what I might blend for them each time they visit!

Each blend is certified Organic and potent and pure with no emulsifiers or preservatives except maybe a dash of Vitamin E.

You then go on to build an aromatic memory of your aroma synergy of oils, a memory that takes you right back to being massaged, being calm and feeling at ease. At times I will blend very specific oils perhaps to aid sleep, reduce irritation on the skin or a pre and post sports rub but either way it’s about longevity – a result that lasts you longer than 24 hours after treatment.

All of my treatment blends consider the skin as well as muscles so that the results are experienced on the surface right through to the muscle, fascia, ligament, tendon, circulatory system, lymphatic and nervous system!

Aromatherapy + Massage = Long-Term Results