In one week I massaged 33 clients and its fair to say I have a few reflections based on massaging that many people!

Therapist Note: Firstly, of course as a Therapist how did I physically manage that without repetitive strain..? That’s down to a system and awareness of my own physical alignment as I move around the couch. The way you hold yourself and move as a Therapist is integral. Many Therapists lean forward from the lumbar spine and/or work forward and with roundness from the thoracic & cervical spine whereas I fall into a slight squat and move with likeness to a Tai Chi class never staying in one position for too long.                                                                                The system supports clients laying on their back upon warm water cushions with no need to turnover and disrupt their massage experience, allowing me to access the body with 3-dimensional techniques. This means I can have the couch much higher than usual working in line with my body. If you’ve not tried a Hydrotherm massage before I strongly suggest you request it for your next massage as it is reciprocally beneficial for both client and Therapist.

What did I observe in those 33 massages..?    

In the week I went from a Pop Up Clinic & Aromatherapy Workshop in Norwich to a clinic in London, a corporate visit and clinic in Brighton. It actually began with massaging my mum how can I visit the area without first massaging my mum. The timing was perfect to help ease pain throughout my mums body as a result of M.E. and a Osteoarthritis in her hip, after the workshop I continued a massage clinic working with another client who on the face of it is crippled by Arthritis yet continues to be active and I’ll never forget the message she once sent me to say that she walked without pain for the first time in a long time! I went on to treat a client who has been on an intense journey with Anxiety and how massage has helped but yet it also reminds her of the states of anxiety she would get to, so we evolved the Aromatherapy blends to help shift memories to feeling better. The remaining clients on day one  presented with all sorts of ‘wonky’ alignment and so the need to massage slowly yet deeply to enable the body to fall back into place. When clients are this out of line their body feels so light and they feel giddy with how free they feel.

The week continued with a lady for whom this was her second visit and wow what incredible progress from someone who came to me with symptoms of extreme sadness and grief after the loss of her father. The heaviness and stress upon her body at the chest, throat and abdomen had eased and she was lighter in her presence leaping from a blend of Frankincense, Lavender & Mandarin Yellow to a blend of Bay, Grapefruit & Mandarin Green. The effects of the Aromatherapy journey from deepening breath and comfort to an uplifting synergy to aid focus and awaken awareness with a dash of encouragement. She has booked in again to continue her healing journey. These sorts of client experiences bring forth a whole other dimension to the benefits of massage.

In the corporate setting this week I visited twice within their Wellbeing Week and just setting the scene in the room with aroma, music and lighting impacts all those who pass the room. I love the comments based on just this simple action alone. Clients here are facing pressure, anxiety, stress, poor sleep, eye strain, headaches as well as physical tension. So, I increased the offering in addition to massage on the Hydrotherm System I offered scalp or foot focused treatments along with wellbeing facials and it brought new people to the idea of wellbeing at work.

Pregnant clients, a client with Scoliosis and extreme levels of stress followed. To say this week was diverse is an understatement but what it highlighted to me is that my message of massage being a necessity and not a luxury pamper proves true after every massage I provide.