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Tense? Stiff Neck? Breathe & Relax

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IEfUI6zxCw You know those times you wake up having slept funny or maybe all the worries of the world have decided to rest on your shoulders! Well, here's some gentle movements to help relieve that stiff neck and tight upper body...

Is there a voice hiding behind the breathlessness..?

Is there a voice hiding behind the breathlessness..?

"We wept and drew together and reshaped our family experience in the light of her stellar absence" Matt Hopwood - a line from his book - Mother 'A Human Love Story' It was these words that I read today that helped on a journey to understand my day. After experiencing...

Intuitive Medication

Intuitive Medication

I have a saying within my career before deciding what herbal supplement, what tea to brew and what skincare routine to use each day and that is; 'How do you feel today, what have you been through and what is ahead of you' This short phrase takes seconds but makes your...

Whatever the illness – You are not alone

Whether it be a virus from some descent or a long term illness there is one thing I know for sure and that is that you're not alone. I sit in the lounge side by side with my partner tuning into a radio update during the Coronavirus outbreak in April 2020, and instead...

Exercise At Home | 4 Minute Routine [2]

Exercise At Home | 4 Minute Routine [2]

Here's a home exercise routine where your dining room chair is basically all you need! Chair Squats are a simple exercise that challenges your cardiovascular fitness while working the large muscle group of you legs Aim to push your bottom back while keeping your upper...

Exercise At Home | 4 minute routine [1]

Exercise At Home | 4 minute routine [1]

Home exercise routines have been the foundation of my FaceTime/Online sessions for a few years now. However, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic there is now an essential need for the value of something previously niche to be shared to a much wider audience....